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Millionaires Theory

Millionaires Theory
Why is it that very few people have been fully successful in living the kind of life they want but not others?
Why is it that most of us claim just “luck” to be the deciding factor of our destinies when we have been bestowed with the two hands, two feet, one brain, and the “free will”?
What immerses some humans in their dreams so much so that they start following them blindly, without knowing that they how they would reach there?
What makes other people help them in following their dreams while at the same time killing their dreams?
Are you missing something from this short journey of your life on earth?
Too many questions...
You can find some anwsers in this 59 pages document.
Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 01 – Habits of Successful People
  • Chapter 02 -  Failure Is For Your Improvement
  • Chapter 03 -  Invest In Yourself
  • Chapter 04 -  Dream Big
  • Chapter 05 – Passion – The Key to Your Success
  • Chapter 06 – Structuring your Critical Thinking
  • Chapter 07 –  Know your Talent
  • Chapter 08 -  Do Whatever It Takes
  • Conclusion 


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Millionaires Theory

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Millionaires Theory

Find out why it is only very few people that are successful in living the kind of life they want while many other are not..

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