One Month To 1000 List Members

One Month To 1000 List Members

Why Not Build Your Own Targeted List?

Learn how to build 1000 List Members In Less Than One Month!

These strategies for creating a mailing list of targeted buyers that will return to your site again and again can earn you thousands and thousands of dollars.



Let me guess! You are HERE reading this web page because you have figured out that the most important thing that you can ever do when building an online business is to create e-mail lists that bring you buyers, not window surfers!

Let me tell you about my first experiences as an internet marketer and the things that I did that were such a mistake when to trying to lure targeted visitors to my site.

One of the most naive yet optimistic things I did was to go to one of those online joints and try to buy 10,000 email addresses for ten dollars.

When that didn't work, I then tried to buy 50,000 emails addresses for seventy bucks - and then onwards and upwards until ...


I was spending 200 bucks a week or more on thousands and thousands of email addresses!

And did I make my investment back in this type of advertising?


In fact, I only made about 1% in sales, and sometimes I would buy entire batches of opt-in mailing list addresses only to find out when I checked my website stats that

I had not made one single sale!

So why didn't this approach to internet marketing work?

Well, it seems that even though I was attracting thousands and thousands of visitors to my site, none of them were exactly interested in what I had to sell - they were just random email addresses.

The result was a bona-fide internet marketing disaster.

At first, I was just thrilled to see the counter on my site start reeling upwards into hundreds and then thousands of visitors - but I was not making any sales!

Then, to add insult to injury, my website host decided that so many people visiting my site were a big burden and began to CHARGE me for the extra bandwidth space that all of these visitors were taking up.

Many very experienced online marketers have learned that lesson the hard way. Many of us have also had it happen when we are buying targeted email lists.

You have probably seen these lists for sale online as well. Instead of selling you bulk email volume and hoping for a hit and miss approach, you get a list of people who are supposedly interested specifically in what you have to sell.

OH! When I first saw these lists online I thought that they were the answer to my prayers. I was so wrong.

Little did I know that I was spending about a hundred bucks a week on STALE addresses.

These email addresses were a little better than the untargeted ones and my sales were slightly higher, but for the most part the problems with these lists were simply that they were bought from successful websites that already had already converted most of the names attached to them into devoted, loyal customers!

That meant that even though I was emailing them with my offers, I was not likely to get any of the people attached to these email addresses as customers unless my deal was especially good or unless the person was extremely disappointed with their current 

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One Month To 1000 List Members

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